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Hvad er fordelene ved en rumkapsel?

Publiceringstid: 2022-07-01 Visninger: 112

1. Super comfortable: soft mattress, reinforced door locks, ultra-environmental and super soundproof shell materials, translucent space capsule, while ensuring privacy, you can also enjoy the natural beauty outside the house.

2. Simple and strong sense of technology: equipment with a strong sense of technology, equipment intelligent control system.

3. Good security: steel structure frame, high-strength aluminum plate cabin, earthquake, pressure, fire and theft resistant.

4. WiFi smooth: the cabin Wireless network reception without obstacles, in the independent space can enjoy the freedom of wireless network.

5. Sound insulation and heat insulation: the wall is filled with good heat insulation, sound insulation materials, thickness reduction, increase the indoor use area.

6. Easonable use of space: space is flexible and variable, can greatly improve the utilization rate of the unit space. Also applicable to a variety of scenes and soft furnishings of various scenes, from pure natural fun to the ultimate demand, only one step away, opening up infinite possibilities of modern life.

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